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I started coming to Avery Ranch Chiropractic a couple months ago. My chief complaints were frequent headaches and sinus/allergy problems. I had tried everything else with no relief. I had tried taking allergy shots and was taking several medications, some prescription and some over-the-counter to overcome the discomfort that I was experiencing. Someone finally told me that seeing a chiropractor might help. I was skeptical because I had always thought that someone would only see a chiropractor for problems with their joints. I was very impressed at my first appointment. Dr. Harper took time with me and was informative. He explained how the misalignment of my spine could create many of my problems. He and his staff were very friendly and gentle. I had always felt comfortable coming here. I saw good results almost immediately, and after coming to see him for over two months now, I am very pleased. My posture has improved, but even more wonderful is that my headaches have become very infrequent. Most improved though, are my allergy and sinus problems. This is something that I never thought could happen. I made it through a heavy cedar season with very little drainage and no sinus headaches! I am no longer using all those medications. I now have energy and feel like a normal human being for the first time in years.

Thanks Dr. Harper!


The day you came into my life was such an enlightening day for me. My fear of being free from the back pain I had suffered for over 11 years. Due to a hit and run accident, my lower back was constantly in pain, even making such daily chores as cooking a task I dreaded. Also being born with scoliosis didn't help matters. On my first visit to your office, I truly felt that finally someone would be able to make my pain manageable. Over the years, I had been through some very intense therapy, but not once did anyone address alignment of my spine. By first training my spine back to its normal alignment, then providing exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles, the pain began to disappear. After just two weeks, the difference was remarkable. Now through maintenance, I stay pain-free. Finally, I can enjoy my life again. You truly care about the welfare of your patients, and this is apparent to all of us. Thank you for your professionalism, compassion, and belief in all you do for your patients.


Several months ago I began seeing Dr. Harper after two friends on separate occasions told me about Dr. Harper. I had been experiencing pain in my right neck and shoulder for a long while. I then began having numbness in my hands at night. I decided I needed help. I did not want to take medication, so I chose a more holistic approach for pain relief. I called and I was able to get an appointment the same day. X-rays were done and I had a follow up appointment and Dr Harper reviewed my plan of care. I began having relief of my symptoms rapidly and continued to improve. I enjoy the open relaxed rehab area, which allows Dr. Harper to observe your form when doing the strengthening exercise and he makes minor adjustments (sometimes major adjustments) to your form as you are doing the strengthening exercises. I plan on continuing with my follow up care because I do not want to have the pain I was experiencing again. I feel very comfortable referring Dr Harper to others. Tatjana, Dr. Harper's wife, has handled all of the medical insurance. I had no worries there.


When I first saw Dr. Harper, I instantly thought of Kevin Bacon. I met Dr. Harper at a meet and greet and I must say I was very skeptical. He was so young, what could he know about the body? I was limping at the time, having back and hip pain for years. I had been seeing a chiropractor for eight years, who was able to correct my TMJ and lessen my migraines from 3 a week to 2 a year; however, something was still bothering me. Why was I still limping, in pain, exhausted, and very sore? I thought a chiropractor was supposed to make me feel better. Dr. Harper stopped me one day and mentioned that he had seen me limp and suggested I come in to talk with him. I thought about it for two weeks and still skeptical I went in for a consultation. Boy was I astounded! He did not have the items my other chiropractor had and as I was sitting there I noticed that everyone was doing something different and Dr. Harper was adjusting everyone differently. Not the same exact treatment for every patient, Amazing! He listened to me talk about all of my ailments and to my surprise he said, "Well, I'm not going to do anything to you until I get some x-rays." Wow, x-rays, I tried for eight years to get one from my previous chiropractor. A few days later he informed me that I had spinal degeneration. He asked me a series of questions and then we went over a treatment plan. He assured me that he wouldn't waste my time if he couldn't help me. I have been seeing Dr. Harper for 7 weeks, and I am no longer limping. I can now lie on my right hip all night when before it was impossible. I've noticed my stamina is improving day by day and I am finding that I am not so fatigued. I told Dr. Harper that this was the best money I have ever spent! Mrs. Harper is awesome! She knows insurance! She explained the procedure to me and then told me that they don't ever turn anyone away who needs care! This assured me that I had found the right place. If you or anyone you know needs to feel, sleep, walk, see, lay, or even sit better, please don't miss the opportunity to better your health.


In July I was referred to Avery Ranch Chiropractic by a client-recruiter. I was suffering with burning in the socket of my left shoulder, and pain in my neck, back, and mid-back. At times my left arm, elbow, and fingers felt stiff and numb, and caused many sleepless nights. On my first visit, I knew I had met the strongest and most professional office-team I have ever known. The office ran like clock work. Within 5 minutes, Dr. Harper was explaining in the chiropractic philosophy; the structure of the body influences how the body functions, and the body has the ability to heal itself without drugs and surgery During this session I learned about the nervous system and in his words, "how the body is wired." He showed me what my spine looked like, and what it should look like. After the first treatment, I made three important new friends, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Harper, and an ice bag. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Harper and his staff. I have learned what I have to do to help my body heal and lifestyle changes I have to make to prevent injury. Most of all I learned that by making the right choices I can live a full and active life, pain-free.


Having had back problems for most of my life, I have been to several different doctors who provided various ways of releaving pain. I had met Dr. Harper through my boyfriend sometime earlier in 2007 and considered going for treatment for the scoliosis that I already knew I had. I put it off until later in the summer when my neck pains was so severe that I could hardly hold my head up, much less work or sleep. I went in for consultation with Dr. Harper and knew immediately that his style of treatment was nothing that I had ever tried before. I had seen a specialist for 4 years in High School, who put me in a brace and gave me a handout of exercises that I was to do at home on my own without the guidance of an expert. This treatment only corrected the curve partially and really did nothing to help me. I had also seen another chiropractor who would adjust my back and send me on my way. I never really understood what I was there for or if I was even helping myself by going. I feel the physical therapy and communication, that area constant with Dr. Harper, were what as missing from my other treatments. Since coming in to see Dr. Harper, my pain has completely subsided. Not only that, but the other things, such as my constant headaches and posture problems have improved as well. I would happily recommend anyone to Avery Ranch Chiropractic for all of their chiropractic needs.

Dear Dr. Thomas Harper and Staff,

I'm writing this letter in regards to my gratitude, to Avery Ranch Chiropractic, for helping me live healthier. I started out as a patient when the practice opened in 2007. I've seen other chiropractors, in the past that just seemed to give me a "temporary fix". I started coming here because it was closer to my home. What I didn't realize was what a difference in care I was going to experience. When I first saw Dr. Harper, I was suffering from scoliosis, forward facing posture, TMJ, and overall back and neck pain. I was surprised to see that Dr. Harper incorporated physical therapy into my visits, along with the adjustments. In just a few short weeks, I was feeling better and sleeping more comfortable at night. My husband could see my improvement and started coming as well. Within a few months, my 3 children were patients also. I came to see Dr. Harper, on a regular basis, to get adjusted and complete strength and balance exercises. Sometimes it wasn't easy, but as I began to see my posture change, I knew I had to "stick it out" to achieve the full results. I wanted to live without pain and I trusted that Dr. Harper knew how to improve my condition. I slowly graduated to the maintenance phase of my treatment, which is where I am now. I will always be grateful, to Dr. Harper, for what he has done for my health. I feel better, my posture is straighter, and I don't have the neck and back pain that I used to. Overall, I don't get sick as much. Avery Ranch Chiropractic has really made a difference in my life. Thank you Dr. Harper and your staff for the excellent care you have given me throughout my treatment.